Luxor SPH1


the new luxor sph1

The latest generation of the SPH1 chassis begins where the last one left off, consolidating its strengths which have consistently allowed drivers to fight at the sharp end, strongly stamping their authority on the international karting scene. The entire project was conceived and realised by focussing on the concept of lightness. The result is a chassis built from materials of the highest quality, assembled in our modern workshop, holding true to the foundation concept of its design. The drivability is immediately evident from the first session on track, thanks to the perfect balance reached by the engineers during the research phase.

Only the finest quality components

Like all of our models, the SPH1 also has the ability to perfectly adapt to various types of tyre without requiring drastic setup changes, maintaining the highest level of performance throughout. The quality of the materials employed is testified in the way the chassis responds even to minimal changes in setup, allowing the opportunity to reach an optimal setup in the quickest and most efficient way. This really opens up the kart to younger drivers who arrive from lower categories to quickly adapt to the different driving style required by the senior karts, resulting in immediately competitive performance in a way which allows them to extract their maximum potential. A large revision of the braking system has been undertaken for the new models, starting entirely from scratch with an innovative new project. The caliper pistons have also been designed from the ground up and manufactured from Ergal aluminium, wear and heat-treated to provide their best throughout their working life. Working in this way allows a greater level of precision during manufacture, which in turn can improve the working life of each component, not only during use but with time more generally. Above all this is notable in the KZ classes, where the evolutionary steps are particularly necessary and important. In this category, more than others, the use of a good braking system is extremely important if you are even considering being competitive. For this, the Lenzo components have been developed to obtain a mind-boggling level of feel whilst retaining a perfect braking balance, allowing extraction of maximum stopping power in all situations.

Form, as important as function? Yes.

In motorsport, other than the performance, aesthetics play a big part. Just a glance will be enough to notice the level of perfection of manufacture of each component carrying the Lenzokart stamp. Even our new sticker kit has been designed to evoke the feel of quality, with the unmistakeable scheme coupled nicely with special effects. One thing is for sure - the driver won’t pass by unnoticed.