Lenzokart Cayman


Lenzokart Cayman Evo

The new Lenzokart Cayman Evo is born from the already fantastic platform of its predecessor; which has achieved countless victories at international level over the past few years: at Italian national level, which is the world reference point of mini karting; at international WSK competitions; even across in Las Vegas. Great versatility and flexibility are the foundations of this chassis, allowing fantastic adaptability to all conditions, both track and weather, without the need for drastic setup changes. The Cayman in fact offers top-end performance on all types of tyre, working at its best with various different axles, wheels and hubs, assuring the most suitable setup can be reached for young drivers.

Adaptable to all driving styles.

Also important is the ability of the kart to give feedback to every single change, allowing even less-experienced drivers to appreciate the effects different changes can make. To further aid this, the new multi-position column has been introduced, increasing the range of changes available, whilst also sporting a revised Ackermann angle. Including this has created a more drivable kart, most importantly for the less experienced racer, whilst at the same time retaining the top-level sensitivity required at the sharp end.

Consistently mindblowing.

A natural consequence of these evolutions is the consistency of performance, which it executes at a fantastic racing pace. The next big revision is to the seating position, which is much improved; also the introduction of an adjustable heel rest allows quick and easy fitting to all types of drivers.
By manufacturing components in Ergal and treating them with anti-wear and heat-resistant coatings, their working life has been increased whilst offering more consistent performance of each part. Last but not least - despite being the first thing to catch your eye - is the renewed sticker kit, which with its bright colours and sharp forms renders the Cayman a little piece of modern art.
Take a look at the gallery below to see for yourself!